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9 Ways to IMPROVE your MOOD~ FEEL Great in your VIBRATION!  October 03, 2017

1. PLAY MUSIC! Whenever you feel low in energy or in a down mood, music can easily shift your electromagnetic field. Invite new vibrations into the space. Music is a rare form of communication that penetrates your energy fields and shakes out old, stagnant frequency patterns. Put on your favorite song, whatever makes you feel good. It can be an old song to reminisce upon, or a new song that makes you want to dance and stretch. Refrain from any self judgments and feel the beat coming up through your feet! Jump around, sing, make a music video. Feel like a child again as you spin in circles until you are dizzy. It could be for two, three or five minutes, but feel the release of energy as you shake it off and let it go :) Song and Dance is a GREAT way to exercise and to feel/be in your own body as you balance back to your equilibrium.

2. ENGAGE IN CONVERSATION~ call up an old friend, colleague, or an acquaintance. Talk to a neighbor watering their garden. Bring over some lemonade or fruit from your garden to share. Hang out in a coffee shop. Soak up the atmosphere, look around at the paintings and fully observe your environment. Reason with those surrounding you, take the initiative to start up the conversation. Catch up with your family you haven't talked to in awhile and see how they're doing and what they've been up to lately.

3. Be in NATURE! Go outside! Kinnect with the Earth first and foremost. Walk Barefoot. Let the soles of your feet feel the ground beneath you. Reach up to the clouds and stretch as far as you can! Seek new trails you haven't explored yet. Leave the car and belongings behind and adventure out into the trees, rivers, or mountains for some time. Put the phone away. Feel yourself free from all baggage. Soak up the solitude. Listen to the sounds all around and within you. Find water. Splash some water on your face. Feel the changes wash over you as you gather new experiences and information to store in your memories. Stare up at the night sky. Take three deep breaths and feel your heart beat. Hear the crickets chirping or the the cars passing by, feel the elements, the temperature of the air~ the force of the wind, listen to the leaves shaking and the sounds of LIFE!

4. Take CARE of your self. Make time to RELAX. Take a hot bath after rising from sleep, to warm up your muscles and prepare your mind for the day. Give thanks for your HEALTH, the people in your life that contribute to your SUCCESS, and the security of a roof over your head, and clothing that you choose to wear in order to express your self! Submerge yourself in a cold, local water stream or waterfall. Get a massage! Hike a mountain! Free up your body that gets locked in repetitive motions and daily routines. Switch it up! Break free from the ordinary. Make a new memory today! Go out for a drive along the coastline or downtown. Look at the people moving. Become a person moving. Transform the waters! Human bodies are 85% water! Effect the Currency.

5. LEARN something NEW and SHARE it! Read an article from a magazine,  or newspaper. Listen to a video or audio clip from your favorite motivational speaker. Pick up a new book at your local thrift store. It's a great feeling buying quality information for such a low price. Recall something you've always wanted to know more about and Google it. Research it until you comprehend the material and then share at dinner or to your Facebook timeline. Send out good messages and questions you've been pondering. You never know when or where the answers will appear. Be receptive and open to new information and ways of thinking and being in the world. Listen to what others have to share and reciprocate the space they held for you to express your interests and discoveries. ABSORB new information. Energy is contagious, pass along a good message!

6. CREATE a routine, or ritual for yourself at a certain time of the day. Start small, but eventually set for a few different times during the day. It's an opportunity to reset and center yourself.  Maybe it's in your cup of daily coffee. Maybe it's when you walk your dog.  Or maybe it's when you are still. You can close your eyes. Create a space for restoration. Write a daily gratitude list, or a poem. By taking the time to cleanse your mental space, you are lowering levels of cortisol in the body and activating the parasympathetic system which tells your body, you are alright, well-nurtured and able to relax for awhile. Even if you are sitting amidst rush hour traffic or sitting uncomfortably at the office anxious to get home. Trick your mind into believing and the body will respond accordingly. Send yourself positive messages and imagine positive words like, "FAITH" "HOPE" "PROTECTION" "STABILITY" "PERSEVERANCE" "COURAGE" "LOVE" "GRACE" "HEALING" ~

7. CHANNEL into ART WORK. Write out how you are feeling or what is around you. Describe with your senses what is going on around you. Writing will KINNECT you with your soul and allow you to get a clear reading regarding various situations. Paint a beautiful picture. Use your tools. Color in the blank canvas. It doesn't matter if you "know what you are doing" just do what feels right. Go with the natural flow and be a part of the revealing. Watch it unfold as it is happening and smile when you are completed. EXPRESS your emotions, put Energy into motion.

8. SERVE your COMMUNITY! Help those that need it. Serve meals to elders, ask what you can do to help out. The information you can receive from charity and donating your time is valuable. INTERACT with people who have been living on this Planet Earth for 30-60 years longer than you! Make yourself available to hear their stories and LISTEN to their WISDOM. Give them an opportunity to share. Forget your pride or the idea that you are "too busy" to go out of your way for the service of others. Volunteer to help with events for the youth, or volunteer to create an event if one doesn't exist yet!

9. CLEAN your space. Tidy up and organize what is around you. Take control of your space and environment. Make every place better when you leave it. Pick up garbage you find. Purify the elements with your thoughts, and actions! Let the rumor end with your ear. Never repeat negative vibrations or perpetuate arguments or harsh statements. Dissolve that then and there. Clean your mind. Eat healthy. Clean your system. Make your bed after waking. Be Mindful of the conditions around you and aim to PROTECT sacred places.


Excessive or Deficient energy is resting potential waiting to express itself. It is an indicator from your body that there are things to do, or accomplish, or  to simply take a break to resolve and resolute. Step out of the pressure and pace of what is going on around, and rest within your own body. Listen to the natural rhythm of your biological clock. Unify your mind and thoughts to your breath. Slow down and FEEL what is happening in and around you. It's a miraculous process, LIFE is for LIVING, LOVE is for GIVING!